Friday, September 23, 2011


This blog has lain fallow for too long.  It's a new school year, and I'm at a new school, so I'm going to resurrect this blog to document my progress in my physics classes.  Hopefully I can get myself in the practice of actually taking the time to record some Reflections of Physics on a very regular basis.

For the record, I am now teaching at Glen Allen High School in Glen Allen, VA, which is the newest school in Henrico County Public Schools.  I currently have one section of honors physics and one section of college-prep physics (otherwise known as "regular" physics).  I am treating each of these as a pre-AP physics class, with the assumption that every student will be taking either AP Physics B or AP Physics C Mechanics next year (their senior year).  (I am also teaching three sections of college-prep chemistry, but it is not my intention to write about these classes here.)